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Bring the company to the Russian market

Is your company growing, increasing, and now its potential has become so significant that the brand becomes cramped in the country? This means it’s time to look for new customers and expand into other markets. The brand begins its journey!

Bringing foreign brands to the market is a complex, multidisciplinary and painstaking work.

Your revenue and demand depend on how your brand will show itself in a new market and establish itself.

It is very imprudent to come out with your product, no matter how useful, unique and high-quality it is, to an unfamiliar audience without consulting and researching potential consumers of the product. It is very dangerous to believe that the same advertising mechanisms that were used in the promotion of goods in the homeland will work just as flawlessly in another country.

To successfully conquer the market and form a loyal audience for the brand, an integrated approach is required that takes into account the mentality of the country, lifestyle, economic and geographic factors, the political situation, naming, as well as the traditions of the peoples living in the country.

Bringing foreign brands to the market is a complex, multidisciplinary and painstaking work.

Choosing a reliable partner to whom you can entrust your brainchild is really not easy.

Over the years, Image Resource Agency has repeatedly confirmed its qualifications in front of Western and Eastern partners. In our practice, there are many different cases that can be successfully applied in today’s dynamically changing world. For each partner, we develop a unique, inimitable concept and turnkey strategy.

For you and your company, we will conduct:
Full-scale market research.
We will define the context of your brand.
We will select your target audience.
If necessary, we will help with naming.
We will develop a turnkey brand book, a recognizable corporate design.
We will create a high-quality Web site for you
it, with a unique design.
If you need to use e-commerce in your business, we will develop an online store.
We will create and configure advertising in popular search engines in Russia: Yanlex, Google, Mail.
We will promote your brand on social networks: VKontakte, instagram, facebook, YouTube, Odnoklassniki, My Mail, we will effectively set up targeted advertising. We will provide comprehensive support in the development and promotion of the YouTube channel. We will make you visible on maps and navigators.
We will make a high-quality design for Internet publications, booklets, leaflets, Euro-lists, labels, packaging, and other printing. We will conduct a photo session, product shooting. Let’s make a 3B visualization.
We will determine the key points of influence on your target audience in Russia, taking into account the identity of your brand.
Let’s come up with a slogan.
We organize conferences, presentations, symposia, meetings, and other events with the gathering of guests, we will hold cultural events,
We will provide information support in the media.
We will constantly monitor the reviews about your company on the Internet, as well as take measures to eliminate the negative, if any.
We organize printing, printing, production of souvenirs and other promotional material.
We will shoot high-quality advertising videos for you, with a viral plot, and visual effects, we will develop animation and write a script for them.
Let’s start advertising on radio and television.
We integrate your brand as product placement into movies, TV shows, video reviews of bloggers.
We will provide comprehensive legal support for your business.
We will take care of all communications with all government and regulatory authorities.
We will organize the work of a delivery service, if any is necessary in your business. We will help to create call centers and ensure their work.
We will provide comprehensive measures to ensure your information security, and if you need to protect your business, we will help to ensure it to the fullest.
We work with B2B, B2C.


The agency of the full cycle «Image Resource» has its own top-class specialist to solve each of the above tasks, this helps to competently divide the work, to ensure the highest KPI results. We cooperate with the largest Russian companies in the field of information security, printing, souvenir products. Has its own legal department. The agency’s staff constantly improves their skills, attends exhibitions, goes to advanced training courses, which allows us to constantly be at the forefront of progress, to use all the most modern mechanisms for promoting goods and services in the domestic market, we are open and always glad to new opportunities for cooperation.

It’s safe to be part of the crowd. But you will not go beyond the crowd. That is why Image Resource is here. So that you don’t get lost in the crowd